The American Sarcoidosis Biomarker Study

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Sarcoidosis is a granulomatous disease with unknown etiology. Lung is involved in more than 90% of patient with sarcoidosis. The incidence of sarcoidosis differs broadly throughout the world due to environmental and genetic profiles. The prevalence of sarcoidosis is estimated 15 in 100,000 population/year in the US.However, the incidence of the disease varies based on ethnicity. It is reported 5 in 100,000 in Caucasians and 39 in 100,000 in African-Americans.

We are interested in studying novel biomarkers that are involved in the context of sarcoidosis, a rare disease with high morbidity and mortality. We and others have shown that pulmonary fibrosis is a major cause of mortality. Our ongoing studies are aimed at A) understanding sarcoidosis mechanisms by using translational research, B) finding new biomarkers in diagnosis and treatment of sarcoidosis , and C) determining new strategies to improve health equality in sarcoidosis.