​​​Dr. Mehdi Mirsaeidi 

​Sarcoidosis Program Director, 

University of Miami, Miami, FL

​​​Dr. Nadera Swiss

Sarcoidosis Program Director, 

University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

​​​​     What is AMSAR-Bio?

 Steering Committee

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The American Sarcoidosis Biomarker Study

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The AMSAR-Bio (American Multicentric Sarcoidosis Research Collaboration on Biomarker) network was established in 2015 to facilitate multidisciplinary collaborative research in sarcoidosis . The aims of the AMSAR-Bio group are:
a) To create the sarcoidosis registry,  to facilitate research and quality improvement initiatives across healthcare systems in the US.
b) To systematically collect blood and respiratory samples of sarcoidosis subjects to find biomarkers for initiating personalized medicine  in pulmonary medicine in general and sarcoidosis specifically.

c) To build a network of researchers and clinical experts in sarcoidosis to guide future research and clinical priorities
To attract new researchers and clinicians to the field of sarcoidosis.
d) To support and encourage early career researchers in the field of sarcoidosis through involvement in network activities.
e) To facilitate applications to industry and other funding sources to build sarcoidosis research capacity in the US.

The AMSAR-Bio network is an open collaboration. Anyone with an interest in sarcoidosis can join and take part in Network activities. For more information about joining the network please visit our membership information.

1) University of Miami, PI: Dr. Mehdi Mirsaeidi

2) University of Cincinnati, PI:  Dr. Robert Baughman 
2) University of Emory, PI: Dr. Ruxana Sadikot 
3) University of Kentucky, PI: Dr. Mehdi Khosravi 
4) University of Iowa, PI: Dr. Alicia Gerke
5) University of Illinois at Chicago, PI: Dr. Nadera Sweiss, 

Long Term Care
Dental Exams
 Dr. Robert Baughman 
Sarcoidosis Program Director, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

​​​Dr. Ruxana Sadikot

University of Emory, Atlanta, GA

 Collaborating Centers

​​​Dr. Alicia Gerke

​Sarcoidosis Program Director, 

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA